MPS Facility construction coming along

Today I toured the MPS program’s facility construction site with Bruce Golden, head of Cal Poly’s Dairy Science department. The structure is an addition to the Leprino Foods Dairy Innovation Institute, located on the northwest corner of the Cal Poly campus.

MPS Construction

Through the dust and debris, we were able to discern the bones of a world-class teaching facility. The centerpiece of the facility is an instruction lab that will feature benches and hoods, moveable worktables, and high tech communications equipment. The lab’s proximity to the existing dairy processing area will open up unparalleled learning opportunities.

Just down the hall from the instruction center is my new office. My windows will look out at Bishop Peak and the picturesque valley below. We’re fortunate to have such a beautiful place to work and learn together.

Construction is coming along, and as far as we’re concerned, it can’t conclude soon enough. The folks in charge assure us the building will be ready in time for our program kickoff this fall.

If you’re interested in joining us, make sure to submit your application soon. We’ve begun reviewing applications and will soon set about assembling the program’s inaugural class!

Best wishes for a rewarding career,

Tom Johnson, Program Manager
Master of Professional Studies in Dairy Products Technology

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The MPS program will involve nine months of course work on campus in San Luis Obispo, followed by a three-month internship with a large-scale dairy processor.

If you are interested in applying, don’t delay. We have limited openings for the fall class, and applications are now coming in!

Best wishes for a rewarding career,

Tom Johnson, Program Manager
Master of Professional Studies in Dairy Products Technology