11 Reasons You Should Consider Applying to our MPS Program

Here are 11 reasons you should consider applying to Cal Poly’s MPS in Dairy Products Technology program:
  1. You will earn a graduate degree in only one year. Instead of being stuck on the sidelines, you will start earning a salary a year earlier.
  2. Our graduates are earning starting salaries of $58,000 – $68,000.

  3. You can use your analytical skills to help manage a technologically sophisticated work environment.
  4. While in our program, you will work closely with large private and Fortune 500 companies. Representatives of these companies lecture to our students, provide facility tours, and recruit directly from our program.
  5. As an MPS grad, you will help produce wholesome products for a hungry population.
  6. The dairy processing industry is actively seeking talented young employees. This spells great opportunity for motivated students.
  7. If you join our program, you may qualify for employment with one of our industry partners next summer, before you even begin your studies.
  8. As an MPS student, you will enter a paid internship after only nine months of graduate school.
  9. Interested in travel? Many of our industry partners offer opportunities across the country and around the world.
  10. At Cal Poly, we Learn By Doing. In addition to learning about dairy products technology, you will make delicious cheese and ice cream in the university creamery (yes, you can eat it, too).
  11. It’s December, and we’re expecting temperatures in the 70s this week!