Unexpected Opportunites in the Dairy Industry!

Dave KapicMPS Industry Advisory Council member Dave Kapic explains how he found unexpected opportunities and career satisfaction in the dairy processing industry. You can, too – apply today for Cal Poly’s Master of Professional Studies in Dairy Products Technology program.  Visit  mpsdairy.calpoly.edu to get started!

During my time at Cal Poly, I received a top-rate education inside and outside of the classroom.  I was involved in school endeavors such as student government, social activities provided by my fraternity, and community service.  Those activities allowed me to develop my leadership potential while I grew my technical skills in the classroom and labs. 

 At Cal Poly, I was confident I was honing my skills for a career in High Tech.  I never expected that my entire career would be devoted to food manufacturing, and more specifically, to dairy.  I count my blessings that the twists and turns of life sent me toward the compelling world of the dairy industry.

 Today you will find me living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where I am a “cheesehead” working for Schreiber Foods, Inc. Schreiber is the largest employee-owned dairy company in the world, with annual sales in excess of $4.5 billion dollars.  I serve as Vice President of Operations, with responsibility for our cultured product manufacturing (cream cheese, yogurt, etc.). Dairy might not seem glamorous, but don’t underestimate the industry and the personal opportunity. When other industries experience volatility and recession, the food industry continues to thrive, because people still need to eat!

 There’s no better way to break into the dairy industry than to enroll in Cal Poly’s MPS in Dairy Products Technology program. In the program, you’re going to get hands-on experience. You’re going to get a chance to touch and feel the equipment and the processes. You’re going to be able to make the products that we make in industry.

 There’s also no better way to get exposure to senior leaders and executives in companies that are looking for the future leaders of their industry. Our team of industry advisors gets to know the students personally and recruits directly from the MPS program. And what better place than San Luis Obispo to spend a year of your life?

Dave’s Career Highlights:

  • Schreiber Foods, 15 years – currently Vice President of Operations – responsible for the cultured manufacturing including yogurt and cream cheese
  • General Mills, 7 years – various operations and supply chain positions throughout the United States

To learn more about Cal Poly’s Master of Professional Studies in Dairy Products Technology program, visit mpsdairy.calpoly.edu